Invalidating emotions…

So this is a tricky one… it’s something that’s been playing on my mind over the last year, and worsening since having Matilda •

So, tonight I’m sharing my thoughts in the hope some people may relate and know they’re not alone… I’m not sure if this post will stay, or if I will take it down in a few days… But for now, I feel I need to share. If you’re reading this and you see something you may have said in passing, this isn’t a dig, it’s not public shaming…it’s to share that a little understanding helps, and invalidating peoples emotions can hurt. •

Through diabetes, I always found people would make the occasional remark, and downplay my experiences. Yes, so what if I’m ill again. No, I’m not a bad diabetic because I had some cake. No, I’m not hungover from alcohol, I had a rough night with blood sugars. And no, you do not understand a hypo because you got a bit shakey as you didn’t have lunch! •

Through IVF, failures and miscarriage. Unless you’ve lived it, you will never truly understand the emotional rollercoaster. No, we aren’t pregnancy “yet”. No, I’m not “choosing” to make myself sick. Yes, I am off work sick…again. •

But mostly those emotions are behind me. My IVF and fertility chapter is closed for now, and I’ve learnt to deal with the diabetes dismissiveness… but a whole new chapter opened: motherhood! •

She is my world, my everything… I wear my heart on my sleeve and will happily talk over my fears, experiences etc. Maybe sometimes I come across pessimistic or negative. But at heart I am a pessimist… life has taught me to plan for the worst, as anything else is a positive ☺️ It’s who I am… I’m happy with that! •

So please don’t dismiss my experiences, my emotions, my fears… don’t invalidate my emotions… sometimes it’s okay to just say “that must have been tough” or “I understand”. Don’t compare me or force me to look for positives. Sometimes you need to look into the negatives to move forward in life. •


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A year later…

Its been a year since we found out we were pregnant, and it’s brought a lot of memories back to the surface

We had 4 years of trying for a baby, IVF, and heartbreak time and time again. In the January of last year we had a miscarriage that made us stop.

We had 17 weddings and 4 holidays to attend, and we were both mentally and physically exhausted. It was time to press pause and enjoy life for a time.

We were so shocked to find out we were pregnant with Matilda… it was natural… I was terrified! I remember crying for days, just at the panic and fear of it all going wrong. Falling naturally also meant that we no longer qualified for IVF, so as soon as we informed the GP we knew we would be closing the door on that chapter of our lives.

…BUT! What if it went wrong? What if this was another heartbreak? Our brains were filled with “what ifs” and “buts” for weeks.

Each milestone in our pregnancy wasn’t a celebration: it was only a chance to breathe. We didn’t allow ourselves to celebrate, we didn’t buy anything for the baby… we waited, waiting for our bubble to be burst: luckily it didn’t 💖

Alongside all of this, was my diabetes. Every day was a challenge on itself. You will never truly understand the guilt a Type 1 mother has during pregnancy. Every tiny change could be having an effect on another life, not just yourself.

So, sorry if you think I plaster Matilda all over Instagram, but I don’t care. I’m so so proud of my miracle baby and the journey we had for her to be here ❤️


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Joie i-Spin 360: Review

[Joie i-Spin 360]

So we were very very lucky to have been chosen by @officialemmasdiary to try out the new @joie car seat!

Oh my gosh, I am IN LOVE!

When it first arrived I was a little overwhelmed by the size of the box! But actually I don’t know why I would have expected anything otherwise. The car seat arrived in its entirety, including all the padding from newborn up. It was very well packaged.

I tried to fit it myself, and although it would have been possible, I found it easier when Kev was able to give me a hand (by that, I supervised and he fitted it solo 😅) We were both a little shocked by how compact it was in the car, as you can easily sit someone in the centre seat still!

One downside (and not the car seats fault!) is that we decided to fit it into Kevin’s car rather than mine. I only have a Fiesta, and although the seat would have fitted easily I came across one big issue. Our pram doesn’t fold down that well, so the wheels take up the entire boot space and at the moment Matilda still needs the flat lay pram rather than the seat. With her old car seat it was easy to pop that onto the wheels and off we go, but with a fixed seat we need the whole pram. So, this isn’t a fault of the car seat, more an irritation of taking that leap from removable seat to fixed. With that thought in mind I have also found myself sitting on the drive way a lot more instead of risking waking her up to move her (again, no fault of the Joie seat itself!)

The seat is very smart and comfortable, I almost wish they did one for adults hahaha

The 360 spin is incredible, it’s easy to do, and so useful! Not just getting her in and out, but the other day Matilda was grizzling whilst we were parked up. Instead of getting out or climbing over to pop her dummy back in, I was able to just reach round and turn the seat to face me!

We all know I love a Daddy-Proof item, and I particularly like the way the seat locks between rear facing spin (a 180 spin) versus the full 360. This means that you have to slide the lock across to change between the two.

The seat is sturdy, and all of the mechanisms/controls are easy to use. Everything is really fluid in movement!

I honestly can’t fault this particular car seat in anyway! The only issues I see would be for any fixed car seat vs a removable one: but with my little chunk, I was struggling to lift her in her original anyway!


Easy to use

Easy to fit


Compact in car

Swivel is amazing

Lock in rear facing swivel/unlock for full 360

When parked up, swivel round to check on her


Bulky setting up/delivery

Buckle is quite long (will get used to it over time) but have to pull a way up to release

No coming off base (equally having to move sleeping baby)

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Pampers Pure: Review



So cards on the table… I am a lover of Aldi nappies, and have never been impressed by pampers.

The other week we were gifted some @pampersuk_ire to trial from @officialemmasdiary

I always think that Pampers are one of those brands that the quality is not representative of the price.
I was actually putting off trialing them as I was concerned over having leakages. I’ve always found that pampers has quite a square fit and don’t really hug round the hips.

However, I’ve been pleasantly impressed by these Pampers Pure. They are really soft, with a more elasticity feel to them. They seem to have improved the fit as well, with the nappy itself being a lot thinner and rounded around the hips!
We are a few days in and we actually haven’t had a leakage yet!

At around £8 for 39 nappies they are pretty pricey (around 20p per nappy 😬) in comparison to £2.89 for 56 (5p a nappy) in Aldi

However for some reason they are really smart looking, so alongside their lightweight and cotton touch I may treat us to them occasionally! I do have to admit though, that for now: it’s still Aldi for us!





*Less leakages than previous

*Improved fit/less square

*Cute designs/patterns



*Slight urine fragrance compared to other brands.



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Curiouser and Curiouser…

For any curious folk that have stumbled across this blog: Welcome!

Back in the January of 2017 I set up an Instagram page sharing my life as a Type 1 Diabetic. Over the last two years, that little page has helped me tremendously! It has been an amazing platform to share my thoughts, concerns, advice, and I have even made some amazing friendships through it.

Over time, my life changed. From this so did my posts: I focused on my struggles with infertility, and then my pregnancy with diabetes.

In December 2018, our lives changed once again. This time in the most magical way! We welcomed our daughter Matilda into the world! With so many people following our story, her arrival didn’t just make an impact on our lives, it also did on so many of my followers: Matilda was a big hit! So many people wanted to see more about her, and how I managed my daily life as a mum with diabetes. I was more than happy to agree!

Whilst sharing our “Daily Musings” there have also been occasions where the platform of Instagram just wasn’t quite right for some content. I have always said that I want to go into more details on some important topics. We have been very lucky to be a part of some great projects. Matilda is brand rep for a couple of amazing small businesses as well as being on the Emma’s Diary Parent Panel. 

So, here we are now: my motherhood musings! We plan to share some more in-depth stories about our lives (My diabetes, pregnancy, her birth story etc) and some of our product reviews.


So, take a look around. Also, please let me know if there is anything you would like me to go into in more detail: that is the reason i’m here after all!


Alice & Matila x